About Us  
Dante Group Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Body Care items to the hotel and travel industry for over twenty years.

The company supplies brand toiletries, soap and accessories in distinctive packaging programs, to hotel corporations, franchises and independent hotels, hospitals and airlines.

Dante Group Ltd. was instrumental in the development of the amenities programme concept and is generally recognised as one of the industry leaders.

Additional programs are continuously introduced. Through the use of innovative, simple and yet eye catching designs, along with Aromatherapy formulations Dante Group Ltd. is a leader the way in the shaping of the amenity market.

The raw materials contained in the bottle products are biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on our environment. Perfumes, colour and formulations can be prepared to suit the specific needs of the hotel.

We use only a pure and natural vegetable base soap kind to your skin and friendly to our environment.

We have taken the environmental issues into consideration by using minimal glue on all packaging. Both the bottles and boxes are totally recyclable.

We have endeavoured to portray a natural look with our packaging by utilising a visual effect with shelf appeal, as though you were looking for that something special for your bathroom. If the packaging is appealing, the effect has been created and the client feels special.

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